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Residential Design

We focus on delivering outstanding results to residential spaces. Most importantly, we make the interior design and home renovation process an enjoyable and rewarding one.

We work with a team of creative tradespeople and apt suppliers to ensure your interior design needs are implemented in time as well as on budget.

  • Full and partial home renovations
  • Extensions, expansion, and upgrades
  • Villas & townhouses interior & exterior fit out
  • Apartments & penthouses interior fit out
  • Landscaping, swimming pool, and pergolas

We take care of all the relevant approvals from developers, municipality, and other authorities.

Whatever your style and budget, we will create a space you’ll look forward coming home to

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Commercial Design

We understand the value of clearly defined corporate identity and corresponding brand awarness and how brands can be brought to life through considered creative design.

You can be assured that our commercial interior design solutions will make your brand and your business stand out from your competitors.

We bring your brand to life through the installation of timeless, sophisticated and contemporary interior designs.

Approvals from developers, building management, municipality, civil defense, TECOM, Trahkees and other relevant authorities is taken care of by us.

we design and create visionary, future-focused, intelligent and practical physical spaces that enhance people’s lives and businesses

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Retail Design

Sometimes the best thing about going shopping is seeing a fabulous new space that stops you in your tracks. That’s what smart branding and innovative design can do together. If you want your brand matched with distinctive design and/or architecture, let Location Interiors and fit outs show you the work of the best, most versatile retail designers.

We provide a complete and end-to-end service for retail shop and showrooms fit-out works, which includes consultation, design, site inspection, build, implementation and handover.

Our experienced creative interior designers work closely with our clients with careful attention to details and craft a design that features your brand image and style, while meeting your requirements in terms of budget and timelines.

Combining branding and marketing expertise, a passion for design and experience in the construction process, we take our clients from the first concept to a Memorable interior that engages today’s consumer

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Hospitaly Design

From restaurants to bakeries, boutiques, retail stores and more, we have designed and redesigned several businesses, and each one is unique.

Our interior designers and architects work with you personally to create a space that showcases your company’s personality, builds an atmosphere around your customers and create focused energy around your brand.

Each of our designers is dedicated to creating visionary interiors using the structural features in the room, the available space, the amenities that you need, natural focal points and other features that you would like to install.

We will guide and refine your vision and help you create a stunning environment that customers will not forget and will not want to leave.

  • Café Interior Design
  • Restaurant Interior Design
  • F & B outlets
  • Hotel interiors
  • Gymnasium interiors
  • Spa design

we strive to revitalize your business and express genuine personality as well as appeal, ensuring that customers recognize your unique flair

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